Welcome to WireGame!

WireGame is a simple cell-based "game", where the objective is to build simple digital circuits. As you can see, it's… uh… not really a game. But maybe you'll find it fun.


There are two types of cells: wires and switches. Wires can be charged when at least one cell in the wire's 8 adjacent neighbors is charged. Switches require exactly two neighbors to be charged.

The actual behavior of the simulation can be pretty complicated despite its simple rules; the best way to learn how it works is to try building your own creations!


And most importantly: happy wiring!

Oh, and also check out our GitHub repo! Beware that some of the CSS is tragically bad.


Share Circuit

Sharing your circuit creates a permanent public link to your circuit that anyone on the Internet can view. Viewers can't edit your circuit, but they can create new circuits based on your creation.

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